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dle. Unguarded big two weeks around no one, the performance section of the basketball dance space is enough. He aimed at a bit, high shot. Big Ben dropped into some vacant jumper, but this time with the strength of a little big, out of the box, Martin grabbed the rebound, the QlikView Nets positional warfare. Pistons are defense formation, Hamilton is still defensive right side, Wang Jun and the ball again. Kidd ball is very comfortable, reaching to get on the personal, Wang Jun by Hamilton look to the left side of the shot. The same action, he just hit the look, not to create much space, just to let Hamilton can not take off. 60 degrees, the ball fell into the basket, 6 to 0. Jun back when the clenched fist, shouted loudly. Today, Wang Jun does not vote for three points, with the cast to open the situation, start this really good. Zhang reasonable said. Yujia laughed If the play is also playing so the Nets can not lose, the others are too iron, the same action, Kidd and Jefferson cast certainly not sure. Pistons attack, Rasheed shield after the ball around the bottom line in the right side of the face of Kidd QlikView it exam turned jump shot into the QlikView Certification ball, but also a ball, 6 to 2. Nets attack, defensive Wang Jun, who replaced Prince, Kidd does not pass. Pick and roll, the Kidd breakthrough to attract Rasheed defense, pass to the road, Martin b.

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QV_DESIGNER_01 QlikView 11 Designer Certification Examination QlikView QlikView Certification
QV_DEVELOPER_01 QlikView 11 Developer Certification Examination QlikView QlikView Certification