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Some seek luxury, even after they’re dead

Brad Pfau, Family Service Manager for Palm Beach Memorial Park cemetery in Lantana, shows marble mausoleums for one or two […]

Why Kryprotek Offers a Dignified Entombment

Watch this video to hear Bob Pirozzoli describe how Kryprotek provides families with a dignified entombment.

History of Kryprotek

Watch this video to hear Bob Pirozzoli from Kryprotek describe how the company started and how it has grown so […]

A Rebirth in the Mausoleum Market

Usually, good ideas for products and services are thought up, experimented with and, if successful, become available to the public through […]

What Kryprotek can do for you

Protect your mausoleum – Kryprotek‘s air-tight, water-tight design will control leaks, odors and infestations, protecting the significant investment you’ve made in your […]