What Kryprotek can do for you

Protect your mausoleum – Kryprotek‘s air-tight, water-tight design will control leaks, odors and infestations, protecting the significant investment you’ve made in your mausoleum.

Protect your employees – By containing the embalming fluid that may leak from entombed bodies, Kryprotek protects your employees from exposure to harmful chemicals and communicable diseases

Protect your ability to sell crypt spaces – By containing and controlling issues before they arise, you ensure that families visiting your facility will have a positive experience, focusing on the beauty of the architecture, rather than on offensive odors, unsightly stains, or annoying swarms of flies.

Increase the dignity of your entombment process – Because the Kryprotek can be assembled and installed prior to the family’s arrival, the emtombment is a neat, clean, and dignified process without the hassle or potential mess of heat guns, tape and plastic that can easily tear.

Reduce your labor costs – Kryprotek can be assembled and installed by an experienced crew in under 2 minutes.  In addition, the Kryprotek can be installed during the mausoleum construction process, before the shutters are hung, cutting labor costs to fraction of their current level.