A Rebirth in the Mausoleum Market

Usually, good ideas for products and services are thought up, experimented with and, if successful, become available to the public through extensive marketing and community outreach. But what happens when a good idea doesn’t get all the marketing and attention that it deserves?

k_endThat’s what happened to Kryprotek,a division of Norwalk-Wilbert Vault Co. in Bridgeport, Conn. company structures bookkeeping . Kryprotek, which is a system that protects the casket in a crypt as well as the mausoleum itself, has been around for the past 20 years, but the nonstop educational marketing of the product didn’t start until about four years ago, when Mark Bates became owner of Kryprotek. “From a very practical business side, when I entered the business four years ago, I saw a problem that the entire vault industry was facing: the long-term decline in casketed ground burials,” Batessaid.“While much of the decline we are experiencing is due to cremation, some of those ground burials are being lost to above-ground entombment.

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